Bad Credit Business Loans for Small Business Owners

Not all business owners have amazing credit. There are plenty of people who run successful small businesses and have made financial mistakes in the past. Also, many small business owners experience slow revenue cycles and have to make decisions to put off creditors to keep their small business floating. We understand that juggling debt is inevitable in any business and it is the main reason we launched our bad credit business loan program. We have been providing small business owners that cannot obtain traditional financing with funding for almost a decade. No matter what your credit score is if you own your own small business you are already eligible.

How Our Bad Credit Business Loans Work

The reason why we are able to provide small business owners with a loan even though they have bad credit is because we do not give approvals based on your credit score. We provide loans based on your company’s ability to generate revenues. We do not care about profit and loss statements, whether or not you have tax liens or bankruptcies, we only care that you have established monthly revenues for at least three months and that if we do provide your small business with funding you will be able to keep generating that revenue. We have helped hundreds of small business owners with bad credit get the money they need to build and grow their business so our experience and insight allows us to take more risks and give approvals based on that experience and not a simple credit score.

Why Choose BLFBC

The first reason why you should choose our company is that we specialize in bad credit business loans. All of the clients that we have worked with in the past are experiencing credit difficulties and do not qualify for traditional financing. Only working with bad credit applicants has allowed us to build an infrastructure and a set of resources tailored for this type of funding. This means that we can not only get a business loan for you when most other companies are not able to, but we can get you a larger amount in a shorter period of time.

The second and equally important reason is that we are a direct lender. This means that there are no middlemen or brokers adding additional fees to your loan and when other companies have to wait for a decision on your application we will already have you approved because we can make decisions immediately on your application. Combining our resources, experience, and direct lending capabilities makes us a great lender that is particularly suited for you and also the reason why we are leading provider of bad credit business loans for almost a decade.

We understand small businesses are usually one step away from being great companies and the most common obstacle faced is having access to capital when it is desperately needed. We pride ourselves on being the go-to resource for bad credit business loans and are proud to continue serving the small business community with all of their bad credit business loan needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns or to get the funding your company deserves. We look forward to hearing from you.