Industry Leading Bad Credit Business Loan Company

BLFBC Inc. has been providing small business loans to business owners that do not meet the rigorous traditional financing requirements called for at most other lending institutions in banks. We specialize in providing capital to small business owners with bad credit, tax liens and bankruptcies, and many of the other common causes for bad credit. We offer bad credit business loans to almost all industries and high risk applicants. We have been a major small business lending company for almost ten years now and are a direct lender to our clients. Because we specialize in providing funding for bad credit applicants we have streamlined the process of applying for and receiving bad credit business loans.

Our funding process is done completely in-house and based on proprietary methods that we have developed after years of working in the bad credit lending industry. Our approval process is much faster than most other lending companies, we have the unique ability of getting our clients funding when no other lending source can, and we also generally provide larger funding amounts than our competitors. We take pride in being a leading resource of funding by the small business community and are extremely proud of helping small business owners get the money they need in a timely and responsible manner. We continue to be in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and look forward to another decade of helping small business owners succeed.

2 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036