Small Business Loans for Women with Bad Credit

As more and more women continue to start small businesses the need for accessing business loans has been increasing steadily. Over the last 7 years female owned companies have been increasing 1.5 times the national average. In 2013 there were more than 8 ½ million female owned companies in this country. What many of these female entrepreneurs are finding is that qualifying for traditional business loans has been impossible. The main reason for failing to qualify is bad credit or a lack of sufficient credit. This has left many female entrepreneurs struggling to keep their businesses afloat and the impetus behind the launch of our bad credit business loans for women. If you are a woman and are experiencing problems qualifying for a small business loan because of bad credit than our funding program is an excellent option for you.

How it Works

We make applying for a small business loan fast and easy. If you are a woman with an existing business that generates revenue for at least three months you are eligible. For woman owned businesses we require you to have at least $2,500 a month in revenue if you accept credit cards from your customers and if your business does not offer a credit card payment option we require revenues of at least $20,000. We accept almost every industry type so even if you receive insurance payments, or generate revenue through invoices or other methods we can structure a loan for your company. We do not look at your profit or loss and bad credit will not be an issue when it comes to approving the small business loan.

The Difference in our Women Funding Programs

What makes us different than any other small business loan company is that we have been providing female business owners with small business loans for almost a decade. This insight into female owned companies allows us to be more flexible with larger approval amounts as well as offering flexible payment schedules. The success we have had with our female funding program demonstrates that bad credit should not be an issue when providing a loan and it is why we have made more than $50 million dollars available to female companies each year.

How to Apply

We offer two options for applying for our bad credit business loans. We offer our easy to complete form online or we can take your application over the phone. We only require some basic information to start the business loan application process and we can provide you with a pre-approval almost immediately after talking with you. We generally require a few recent bank statements and some basic identification and company ownership to get you an actual approval and funding can occur in about two days. Our small business loans for women with bad credit program is a fast and easy option for women business owners in need of additional funding. We look forward to hearing from you.