Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the BLFBC bad credit business loan program work?

Unlike traditional financing we do not provide small business loans based on your credit score. We look at your most recent revenues and your ability to continue generating cash flow to determine eligibility. This is the main reason why most small business owners are eligible to receive a loan from our company.

How do I qualify?

Most individuals that have an existing business are eligible. We only require that you own a legitimate business that has been operating for at least 3 months, has had monthly revenue of $5,000 in credit card sales or $20,000 in revenue of you operate a business that does not process credit cards. No matter what your credit score is we can likely get you funded if you meet the basic revenue criteria. For more information see how you can apply.

How much can I apply for?

Our bad credit business loan option is available in amounts ranging anywhere from $2,500 to $1,000,000 or more. We can also custom tailor a funding program outside of these parameters if circumstances warrant a different amount.

What will my payment plan be?

It really depends on how much you qualify for and how you generate revenue. We offer various daily and weekly payment options that are flexible and made to work with your existing revenue model to ensure that you can maintain an optimal operating capital budget. We take pride in structuring small business loans that work for your company.

How long does the funding process take?

We have an extremely fast turnaround but it also depends on how responsive you are and how quickly you return the necessary documents. We have many clients that receive a funds transfer to their business account in the same week that they apply but again that really depends on how responsive the client is.

Is there an application fee?

We do not charge application fees when determining if you are eligible for a business loan. You can give us a call or apply online and find out exactly how much money is available for you at no cost. There is no downside to applying for a bad credit business loan.