How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

An essay could be descriptive because it shows some features that make it descriptive per se. The description could also be present in a narrative essay, just as dialogues. But, an essay could not be considered descriptive if it does not contain an object described. A described object should be perceived from different angles and facets. Thus, it should be noted that you have to examine the item to be described so that you are aware of all of its aspects. Once you are sure about the features to be portrayed, you can move on to the plan which is based on the topic.

For example, if your task is to write a descriptive essay on a significant place, one should think about the aspects associated with that place, such as feelings, memories, events, and thoughts. The description should include sensory details that are made up of different senses such as touch and smell. When describing the beauty of the given place, you could make the reader feel what you actually have felt at a certain moment when you were there, which could be done by means of magical sensory words.

There is a difference between showing and telling when it comes to description. Instead of telling: “The place was beautiful”, you have better show: “The trees were moving dancingly in harmony with the singing birds”, “the splendid sunshine garnished the dense forest under the smiling skies of the summer day”. Showing is an effective technique that gives life to the described image and helps create the picture in the reader’s mind.

A descriptive essay has to be revised and edited in a thorough fashion for the sake of making sure that it does not contain any contradiction. Imagery should be well crafted, so it should be checked once again to see if it could transmit the meaning intended. The revision of the essay should be applied for the structure and content; metaphors and similes used have to be proofread for the sake of consistency and adequacy. The reader has to be kept in mind through all the parts of the essay in order to ensure the effectiveness of the images created in getting to the reader’s mind.